Matching Grant Fund Secured for the
John Fryer, MD, Award


The American Psychiatric Foundation (APF) Board of Directors, acting on the recommendation of the APF Legacy Fund Committee, has approved a matching funding award of up to $10,000 to develop the endowment of theAGLP John Fryer, M.D. Award.  The APF Board recognizes the importance of sustaining Dr. Fryer’s legacy through this prestigious award, by honoring the contributions of LGBT leaders in the field of psychiatry.

The Fryer Award educates psychiatrists on a wide range of significant LGBT issues.  Fryer lectures take place at the Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and are popular and well-attended. By publishing these lectures as papers in the Journal of Gay & Lesbian Mental Health, which has a wide circulation among psychiatrists and other mental health workers, the reach of these lectures is extended even further.  Past honorees have included prominent advocates for the LGBT community, such as Barbara Gittings, Frank Kameny, Evan Wolfson, and Bishop Gene Robinson, as well as experts in psychiatry and the mental health field, including Lawrence Hartmann, Richard Pillard, Marjorie Hill, and Caitlin Ryan.

The award is named for John Fryer, M.D., the Philadelphia-area psychiatrist, who appeared with Barbara Gittings and Frank Kameny as “Dr. H. Anonymous” at the 1972 APA Annual Meeting and helped move forward the process of removing the diagnosis of homosexuality from the DSM.  John Fryer, MD was born in Kentucky in 1938.  He attended medical school at Vanderbilt University and completed his psychiatry residency in Philadelphia and spent the rest of his career in Philadelphia.  His early years as a psychiatrist were difficult because of his sexual identity.  He was forced to leave the University of Pennsylvania’s Psychiatry Residency Program when it was discovered that he was gay, and later he completed his residency at Norristown State Hospital. Dr. Fryer was never apologetic about who he was or how he presented himself, and he went on to have a distinguished career as a professor of family and community psychiatry at Temple University.  

AGLP has instituted a fund raising campaign, in association with the American Psychiatric Foundation, which will launch with this $10,000 funding, to help endow this award in perpetuity.   For more information about how you can get involved, please contact Roy Harker, Executive Director of AGLP at  Tax-deductable contributions to AGLP for the Fryer Award can be made through the AGLP website at